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Spinosa Wealth Management Group

Spinosa Wealth Management Group


Our clients are typically wealthy, high income earners, or have complex financial, estate, and business concerns. They also typically have many options on who to trust, as they have others who may want to provide financial services to them.

What sets our firm apart, the differentiator to become the trusted advisor of their wealth, is the thoughtful consideration that we give to their planning that incorporates the obstacles and distractions that can derail their success in pursuing their goals.

We fully understand that striving to preserve your wealth is most important, but what is especially important is to give your wealth the best opportunity to pursue your goals. These goals can differ client to client. A goal could be to retire successfully, to have an excellent standard of living, to minimize dilution due to bad decisions and taxes, to use your wealth to help family members, or to distribute your wealth precisely as you desire with maximum preservation techniques.

Our firm spends a substantial amount of effort in truly understanding our clients and their important relationships. Our clients look for someone who they can trust to give them informed, competent, and unbiased assistance as they make major decisions in their life. They look for someone to simplify their life and to oversee all aspects of their planning. This is the trusted relationship we strive to have with our clients.  Our experience, competence, and integrity, we feel, gives them the opportunity to succeed.

Our value proposition is that for the same fee you would pay a firm to simply manage your investments, we do so much more and become that absolute trusted advisor that is your first call for guidance.